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The CTNE 50 is a new shuttle tool changer system that compared to the shuttle tool changers on the market nowadays Colombo Filippetti Torino has technically improved allowing to optimize the tool changing time and by simplifying its management. 

The main characteristic is that no hydraulic device is used, obtaining extraordinary results as: noiseless, cleaner and a much more reliable system. It is composed of an exchanging unit assembled on a shuttle moved by a servomotor which slides, through rollers, on a hardened prismatic guide. 

The cycle exchange (180° rotation) is completed by using a precision reduction gear with servomotor while the cone extraction stroke is operated by a oleo - pneumatic cylinder. In the version (O+V) it can exchange with spindle both in vertical or in horizontal position: in this version the tool exchanger is pivoted in a fulcrum and can turnover 90 degrees operated by an oleo - pneumatic cylinder. 

The gripper arm has a mechanical control with shutters inserted when the tool is drawn from the spindle. 

CTNE 50 is completed by different kinds of ring or annular magazines with a number of tools variable from 20 to 80 tools according to production needs It fits to the following types of cones: ISO 45, ISO 50, BT 50, HSK 80, HSK 100, Capto C8 and Capto C10 with tool weight of Kg. 25 in the standard version and Kg 35 in the heavy version.

CTNE: Shuttle tool changer

This kind of tool-changer is suitable for installations on NC milling machines, vertical and horizontal work centers and it is manufactured in the different sizes according to the type of tool holder.


For each size there is a corresponding magazine having a capacity of 12, 20 or 30 tools in standard versions and 24, 40, 48 or 60 tools in the special ones.


The CTM tool-changer is composed of:

  • a CUT cam changer that, after having been activated by a single self-braking gear motor, executes a mechanically synchronized movement: it clamps, extracts, exchanges and simultaneously inserts tools in the spindle and in the magazine;

  • a completely mechanical BP rapid gripper arm;

  • a wheel type magazine composed of a cam indexing table RIG activated by a self-braking asynchronous three-phase motor with a disk plate completed with  tool pockets.

  • In the tool collect area, the  tool pocket with the selected tool is tilted by 90° through a pneumatic device in order to free it from encumbrances and allow the gripper arm to collect it.

  • A binary code system with a micro parity device allows to identify the selected tool.


The standard cycle management is a random one. It is also possible to create a system for a “fixed place” management, affecting, in this case, the tool change time.

The change time, which depends on the tool weight but more on the exchange distance, varies from 0.8 to 3 seconds in the random control.


The CTM system, being so light (it is almost entirely built using light alloy and plastic materials), can be directly fixed on the machine support.

CTM: Tool changer

The new group TMA 40 is a ring magazine with elastic grippers appropriate for tool changers with a  “pick and place “ system.


It can be realized in the continuous version operated by servomotor run by an encoder, or in the version step by step operated by an self braking motor through a cam mechanism.


The elastic grippers employed are made of plastic or steel, or self braking gripper can be mounted for cones ISO 40 and BT40, HSK 50 and 63 and cones Capto C58 and C6.

The structure is completely realized in aluminum with inserted guides in antifriction plastic material


It is produced in a standard version with ability of 24-40-60 and 80 tools. The standard speed of the magazine is of 50 m/mins.


Due to its manufacturing modality, the TMA 40 doesn’t need periodic tensioning to eliminate slack

TMA: Tool magazine

Automatic tool changers, type CTA - HSL are suitable for applications on CNC milling machines, vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and multi-tasking machines.

CTA-HSL tool exchanger with a compact tool magazine are designed and manufactured to accommodate a high quantity of tool holders in a restricted area and are particularly suitable for use on smaller machine tools.

The main characteristics of these self-contained CTA - HSL tool changers besides the simplicity, reliability and the cleanliness is the high capacity of tools that can be stored in the magazines and the ultra high speed tool exchange cycle itself.

This exchange time varies from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds depending upon the frame size of unit, the tool weights and the length of the exchange arm


The tool magazine CTA 40 has been projected and manufactured in a version with 120 tools and can be combined with our standard tool changers models HTC 140, VTC40 and CUT41 equipped with gripper arm type BP 41.


The system can be applied to upright machines and gantry machines or vertical lathes and it  fits to tools with  HSK 50 and HSK63 cone or capto C5 and C6.


The bushing motion is based on patented system that doesn’t use chains or belts, avoiding the frequent maintenance necessary to check the tension.  The system operates using a precision gearbox with servo motor.


CTA - HS: 120 Tool Magazine

CNC Tool Changers

CFT Tool Changers have the excellent features of simple construction and direct transmission of motion according to the most sophisticated mathematical motion laws, to give:


  • Precision and repeatability of the positioning

  • Self-locked in station

  • Smooth jerk-free movement and silent transmission

  • High load capacity

  • Regular operation at low, medium and high speeds

  • Easy mounting

  • Reduced maintenance
    Reduced energy consumptions

The automatic tool changer system CTA 40 HS, thanks to its lightness and flexibility, can be easily applied to several kinds of machine tools as: horizontal and vertical machining centers, milling machines, transfer machines, integrated lathes and special machinery.  


The system fits to tools with HSK 50 and HSK63 cones or Capto C5 and C6, and it can be combined with standard tool changer models HTC 140, VTC40 and CUT41 equipped with gripper arm type BP 41.


The bushing motion is based on patented system that doesn’t use chains or belts, avoiding the frequent maintenance necessary to check the tension. 


The system operates using a precision gearbox with servo motor. Model CTA 40 HS offers the unique option of overturning the selected tool-holding bush, both in straight and in curved sections, so as to adapt better to the machine requirements. 

CTA 40 PF patented tool changer features both random and fixed position tool change, without affecting changeover time.

CTA - HS: Tool changer
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